November 10, 2020

Article - What do cosmetics companies gain from analysing their consumers' opinions?

Today, knowing what a consumer thinks about the cosmetic products they buy is an important asset for cosmetic companies to strengthen their brand.

As e-commerce is more relevant than ever, consumers have a lot to say about what they buy, giving brands the opportunity to improve their products while having a better understanding of their consumers and their expectations.

Knowing what consumers like helps brands improve their products

Analyzing consumer reviews of a product allows brands to better rethink the product.

Indeed, consumer reviews of certain products may contain the secret recipe to their improvement.

They offer a rich indication of what customers think of beauty products, whether positive or negative.

Is this cream too fluid, too thick? Not moisturising enough?  

Consumer reviews are a powerful guide to the search for a better performing product that comes closest to what consumers want.

For example, the Voysen tool's analysis can detect the topics of conversation that consumers talk about the most (texture, packaging, sensoriality...) as well as consumers' feelings on each of these topics. 

Sujets et analyse de sentiments avis consommateurs cosmétiques
Example of a summary table of themes obtained with the Voysen tool

In this way, the brand understands which topics are frequently discussed by consumers and which of those topics consumers are satisfied vs. dissatisfied with.

Review analysis allows brands to better understand their target customers to better define their marketing strategies 

The analysis of consumer reviews is not just about "likes" and "dislikes" of a product's features, but can go much further in marketing than highlighting a highly rated product, although this is necessary to give potential buyers confidence.

Consumers have expectations, which are influenced by the marketing strategy of brands. This ranges from the name of the product to its packaging, the choice of communication campaigns and the message shared.

The analysis of the comments makes it possible to identify elements of language and verbatims that reflect the main expectations of consumers on a product.

Thus, it is possible for brands, using these elements of language to refine and strengthen their marketing strategy: what should the name of the product inspire in my consumers?

Finally, the fact that it is possible to refine the understanding of consumer opinions according to age and/or gender allows brands to further personalise their marketing strategy but also to determine who appreciates, who is most disappointed by products according to consumer profiles

Leveraging consumer reviews helps brands build knowledge about competing products and brands

To complete the understanding of their positioning, it is possible for brands to go even further in the analysis by comparing how their products are positioned in relation to competitors.

For example, the tool developed by Voysen allows to compare consumer engagement for two products of the same cosmetic category (serums, mascaras...). Indeed, by accessing the NPS of two products, it is possible, for example, to see which product has the most detractors.

Données NPS fournies par le SaaS Voysen
Example of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) on an analysis of a lipstick of a French brand

It is also possible to compare the level of satisfaction expressed by consumers for two competing products on the same theme (e.g. the finish for two lipsticks or the moisturising power for two creams). 

Conclusion :

The analysis of consumer reviews is an important lever for improving products, strengthening brand strategy and understanding the competitive environment. 

To help them, we provide powerful tools for understanding and interpreting consumer reviews on over 50,000 products and over 5,000 brands on their products and those of their competitors.

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