Customer Market Insight

Strengthen your understanding of your customers' needs and analyse market trends.

The understanding of your consumers and your market at the center of your challenges.

Consumer feedback spread over several websites and platforms

Difficulty of access to competition data

Ever-changing market trends

Voysen solutions for CMI departments

Voysen allows you to enrich your consumer and market research with in-depth and objective insights through advanced analysis of millions of consumer reviews on thousands of products of multiple brands.

Knowledge about your consumers
Increase your knowledge about your customers to better satisfy them.
Knowledge about your competitors' consumers
Increase your knowledge on your competitors' consumers to recruit them.
Satisfaction drivers
Analyze the key satisfaction drivers for each consumer profile and for each product category.
Insights and trends
Track the evolution of the satisfaction of your customers and its drivers over time with access to consumer insights and market trends.
Category "Consumer profile" of the Beautysen by Voysen dashboard.

Our offer


A turnkey dashboard designed for each category to analyze consumer reviews on your products and those of your competitors.

  • Access to analysis on your products and competitors
  • Multi-user
  • Comprehensive and in-depth analysis
  • Exportable analysis in multiple formats
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alerts report

Monthly alert reports that give you insight into the key reputation indicators for your products.

  • Regular and frequent alerts
  • Actionable insights
  • Synthetic information
  • KPIs that can be integrated to your products
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