Track consumer feedback on your products across e-retailer sites.

Monitoring the activity of your products on e-commerce sites is at the core of your challenges.

E-commerce Explosion
Explosion of e-commerce and the volume of reviews.
Satisfaction and Conversion
Correlation between customer satisfaction and conversion.
Platform Multiplication
Multiplication of online sales platforms.
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Voysen solutions for Digital and E-commerce departments

Increase your responsiveness in product monitoring by accessing what consumers are saying about them on all platforms where they are sold, all in one place, and receive alerts in case of a drop in popularity.

Review centralization
Access all available reviews on e-commerce sites for all your products in one place.
Product popularity diagnostic
Identify products that lack sufficient consumer reviews to take corrective measures.
Product e-reputation monitoring
Track the evolution of consumer perception of your products and analyze dissatisfaction factors.
Alerts and responsiveness
Be alerted as soon as negative comments about your products appear and increase your responsiveness in action plans.
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For a solution tailored to your needs.

  • Ability to share data internally
  • Analyses that integrate with your internal tools
  • Various technical integration options
  • Technical support included

For a turnkey solution with no IT integration.

  • Unlimited access to competitors
  • Access to advanced features
  • Access to complete history
  • Multiple analysis granularities

For synthesized and actionable insights.

  • Customizable analysis universe
  • In-depth and synthesized analyses
  • Turnkey insights
  • Choice of report delivery frequency

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