March 16, 2021

Cosmetic brands: How to define a relevant strategic brand positioning by analyzing consumer reviews?

Nowadays, it is essential for cosmetic brands to be well positioned on their market.

This allows them to differentiate themselves from their competitors but also to appear to the general public as leaders and innovators.

The highly competitive industry of cosmetic products gathers many players who spend 650 million euros each year in Research and Development to bring out more and more innovative items.

It can therefore be difficult for those brands to stand out from each other in an environment that is always on the lookout for new trends and novelties.

This is why implementing a precise and relevant brand strategy is now essential.

Positionnement stratégique marketing

Why should brands develop a strong marketing positioning strategy?

First of all, a good positioning strategy allows other actors in the sector and consumers to understand the brand as a coherent entity, from its products to its values.

By working on this key issue, brands can build themselves a strong, well-defined position in the market and a powerful identity.

It offers them the opportunity to stand out from their competitors and be present in the minds of consumers, as each person can be a potential client.

However, in a beauty industry that is constantly evolving, internationalized and driven by highly innovative product releases, defining the ideal brand positioning and implementing it is not easy.

Moreover, brand positioning remains an active process, which constantly depends on the strategies put in place by other brands.

Therefore, the thought process on the strategic positioning to be implemented is a crucial step for cosmetic brands.

How to be well-positioned on the beauty market in 2021 thanks to consumer reviews analysis?

In 2020, the French e-commerce market grew by 11.5%, carrying the cosmetics industry with it.

The increase in sales of cosmetic products through online platforms has given consumers the opportunity to express themselves, especially through the comments they leave.

These reviews allow brands to understand their consumers' expectations in order to better address them.

It is therefore in the brands' advantage to develop the right tools to leverage this information which allows them to adjust their strategic positioning.

Find out why in our article “Cosmetic products: How to collect and process online consumer reviews?”

So what is the role of consumer reviews in the strategic positioning of a brand and its products?

The analysis of consumer reviews allows brands to understand consumers' desires for their products.

For a particular item, by analyzing the topics mentioned by consumers as well as their tone, it is possible to determine the product characteristics expected by consumers and which the brand has not proposed yet.

When a brand carries out this analysis on all the products in a specific category, it allows it to reveal the expectations of consumers for this category of products and therefore the product claims and statements that it should make for its future products.

This analysis can be done based on a type of product (BB Creams, Mascaras, Pencils...) or by crossing this type of product with other information such as the price for example.

Thanks to this kind of analysis and by positioning itself on claims that no other competitor has yet taken, the brand can be in a position of defining a very unique and differentiating positioning.

The analysis of consumer reviews allows brands to set up successful strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors

It is very valuable for a cosmetic brand to know what consumers think of similar products and brands.

This enables an impartial comparison between products that may have similar claims, which allows the identification of each brand's strong points.

By understanding the positioning of its competitors, but mostly the perception of this positioning by the consumers, brands are able to put more emphasis on what makes it unique
(to know more about it, read our article

Thus, a company can strengthen its differentiating elements further for an even stronger strategy of positioning.

Conclusion :

Thanks to the analysis of customer feedback, brands are equipped with an additional tool to deepen their knowledge : on the one hand about themselves and their products, and on the other hand about competing brands and products.

In this way, brands are able to develop the right strategy to meet the expectations and needs of consumers on the market.

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