October 7, 2020

News - Voysen launches a new service for advanced interpretation of consumer reviews

A new innovative solution

We are proud to announce the launch of our new solution for advanced consumer review analysis in partnership with Cosmetikwatch®, designed for professionals in the cosmetics industry.

This offer allows the user-subscriber of Cosmetikwatch® to access to a specific page dedicated to consumer reviews about the targeted finished products, directly from the technical sheet of the cosmetic product or from the interface of the tool's search engine.

The user-subscriber has access to real-time, objective and condensed information based on customer reviews.

In detail, they have access to :

  • a description of the consumers' profiles (age and gender)
  • the overall product appreciation of the consumers;
  • the rating given by consumers on efficacy,
  • the rating given by consumers on the quality,
  • the rating given by consumers on the texture.

General view
Consumer profile section

What is the module provided by Voysen?

Voysen brought the technological component that allows to collect, aggregate and interpret consumer reviews for cosmetic products available on the Cosmetikwatch® database.

For each cosmetic product :

  • We collect and aggregate the reviews submitted by consumers on different online platforms.
  • We then conduct an analysis of all the consumer reviews and deliver it in an exhaustive and structured way.

We thus offer cosmetics professionals a time saving and a greater visibility as well as a greater responsiveness in anticipating and identifying consumer expectations.

About Voysen

Discover our technology and other tools on our website: https://www.voysen.com

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